Lawrence R. Slater

Manager of Quotations
Lake Zurich, IL

With ten years of experience at Eastek, Lawrence has been part of the continuous growth of the organization. His experience working as part of the sales, program management, quoting and purchasing teams has given him a very broad view of what makes Eastek work on a daily basis. He has the ability to enable efficiency in developing projects throughout the whole process from pre-production to full-scale production by drawing on his long experience and history with Eastek.

One of his biggest accomplishments has been to help develop the quote tracking system used to monitor the progress of a quote from initial customer review to the final production pricing. As he can point out, this project provides Eastek with a true differentiation in estimating and production compared to other contact manufacturing companies.

Lawrence feels that working at Eastek is like working in a large extended family. There is always someone who is ready to pitch in to help tackle complex customer requirements. He also reflects that after working here for so long he feels very comfortable within the culture, which helps, since working in contract manufacturing is a very high-stress, and demanding job.